What Has Actually Happened in Qaboun?

Translated by; Aishah Barazi

What has happened and is still happening in the Damascene neighborhood of Qaboun?  And who has the answers for the dozens of our lost questions amid the rumors and disputes between the battalions and fighters.

Qaboun was the last port that remained amid a severe siege on all the surrounding rebellious areas that are located around the neighborhood and behind it.  Not to mention thousands of civilians displaced in the same neighborhood. News started to come in of a truce here and a retreat there and accusations were being exchanged between the battalions. Meanwhile, martyrs were falling from all involved parties; fighters, civilians and reporters; and the attack on the neighborhood intensified until the regime advanced and regained control of the critical points in it.

Rather than meeting together to review the reasons behind the disaster that occurred, the battalions continue to throw accusations right and left… while our questions remain unanswered. The fate of the region remains unknown in light of the unknown causes of what has happened.  Is it true that some battalions failed the region? Were there any haphazard retreats? Who is responsible for the defeat?? What about the future?? How can the Free Syrian Army confront what has happened? And by which strategy?

Every time something similar happens, we go back to the null point and start to talk about the absence of coordination and a united military leadership, even at the level of one single region.  Nonetheless, instead of learning from our mistakes, we continue to repeat them over and over again.

Today, all the military leaderships, particularly in the neighborhood of Qaboun, the city of Douma and the other areas from which battalions had joined the battle to defend Qaboun, are required to sit and find out together the truth behind what has happened to prevent it from happening again in the future.  All civil councils are also required to put pressure on them in order to accomplish that goal.

Obviously, no one has been or will be concerned about what is happening in Syria and we have the greatest, most frequent, painful and disappointing example of Homs city.  Therefore, we should not disappoint ourselves at least one more time.  The war is a matter of recur and return even in the case of retreats, they should not be the reason for our disputes and tenacity.