The Syrian Revolution in Its Second Anniversary: The Regime is Investing in Chaos

Translated by; Aishah Barazi

On the verge of starting its third year, it isn’t peculiar what has surrounded the revolution of chaos, thugs and murderers who are running kidnapping, looting and blackmail bandits whenever they see an opportunity.

All of us know that a major part of these crimes is being committed by the regime’s thugs themselves. For instance, the abductees of an activist requested a couple of millions ransom for his release later on, his family found out that he is imprisoned at the Aerial Security branch in Damascus!

However, we all know that another major part of these crimes is being committed by groups and individuals who are considered revolutionary. Particularly, some fighting battalions and the authorities controlled by them that, in turn, are trying to impose control over people as bad as a tyrant dictator.

The revolution has not remain mute over any mistake or violation besides many activists who publicly spoke to condemn or object those actions have been unfortunately, criticized internally by some revolutionists who believe that any negative feedback is equivalent to betraying the revolution itself and giving more credit to the regime. Those same revolutionists always have pretexts to defend the mistakes and their principals. If the authority that committed the violation was Islamic, criticizing it would become vitriolic and an attack on the religion itself. If the authority was otherwise, then criticizing it would be an attempt to split the lines of rebels and fire turbulence among them.

Those people speak as if the revolution is not soon to start its third year and no one knows till when it will continue.. As if the revolution is an emergent incident so it would justify this enormous amount of exceptions and diversions. They do not comprehend that the accumulation of these mistakes would become a reality over time; this reality is now being instituted and protected by its masters.

Those defenders do not realize how frightful is detaining and lashing an activist; just like in the middle ages; because he dropped a banner in a peaceful protest. Sadly enough, defending Abo Meryam was considered an attack on Islam and in solidarity with secularization!!

Likewise, those who defend the decision of detaining the reporters of “Aleppo Media Center” and “Aleppo News” by members of the “Liberals of Syria Battalion” for only reporting news of the civilians murdered by the same battalion in Kadi Askar area. Their defense was under two pretexts: the first was the murdered civilians were Assad’s thugs and the second is falsification of the whole story!

How could those people twist and simplify the facts in such narrow pretexts which only warn with the worst. Are detention and lashing considered appropriate verdicts for disagreement of opinions in a future Syria? Were Muzhar Tayara, Anas Tarshih, Basel Shihadeh and hundreds others martyred for their fellow reporters to be detained in future Syria just because they broadcasted news that some do not like?!

What really “splits the lines” is turning a blind eye on these mistakes and attacking those who talk about it. Besides, trying to drift the case from an issue about human rights and freedom to one concerning minor issues and ideological disputes. The Syrian people will never forget why they have risen up against the regime in the first place and they will never endure the fear of expressing their opinions again. Detention center will become a thing of the past and Syria will never ever go back to that era.

As great as our revolution, I salute Abo Meryam. A Syrian citizen who was arbitrarily detained, tortured and humiliated. The pain of lashing his body is a debt on all of us. If we do not stand in the face of those who enjoy playing the role of a dictator in the midst of the revolution. As glorious as our revolution, I salute the reporters in Aleppo and everyone who stood in solidarity with them. The uprising is doomed to fail if we surrender to the new dictators… The revolution continues as said on the “Descendants of AlKawakibi” webpage who pioneered in defending our cause as well as its goals of freedom and dignity.