About The National Coordination Committee’s Initiative

Translated by Aishah Barazi

It is too early to be optimistic about the outcomes of the recent initiative proposed by the National Coordination Committee for the Forces of Democratic Change in Syria (NCC) which is now being discussed among the opposition forces and revolutionary movements in Doha, Qatar. The road for this initiative seems riddled mostly after the Syrian National Council’s (SNC) stance of the entire proposal and considering this initiative as a conspiracy against the its own authority and existence!

To make things even more complicated, a press-statement was released by the U.S. Foreign Secretary Mrs. Clinton about the deteriorating situation in Syrian. The United States government does not understand that its current credit score is a zero when it comes to the Syrian revolution. In fact, the Syrian people believe that the US incapability to deal with this crisis and banning the armament of the revolutionists have lead them to believe that the US is indirectly aiding in killing them.

Despite the fact that the Syrian National Council and many of its members were driven into using the Syrian regime’s language of treason and defamation accusations in reaction to the initiative. In addition to that, most of those accusations are the result of personal disputes and dislikes by some of SNC’s leaders against the initiators of this proposed initiative. However, we cannot go ahead and cast any doubts on SNC’s principles and national stances. The problem with the most of their political stances that they are surrounded by chaos and failure at all levels.

Essentially, what the SNC has missed is that its previous performance was the main reason our country became an open war-zone for all “friendly and sister countries” and those interfered from every side and direction. Moreover, it is the vacuum that was created by the SNC’s inactivity which tempted all other parties to try to exploit it for their own sake thus, their only mission statement that they were supposed to protect was negated! There are no guarantees that these mistakes won’t be repeated with the new initiative.

The opposition members -as people- have also failed in the past few months to agree on an actual work agenda to help in maintaining the revolution and getting us closer to victory. The revolutionary movement itself is highly unlikely to have a leading role in any new initiative. It is practically impossible for the revolutionists inside Syria to participate in negotiations while living under war circumstances and telecommunication blackouts. As for their representatives outside, those are already a component of the same inactive political opposition! In spite of all, our tragic reality in Syria calls for another attempt particularly if this new initiative keeps in mind all the mistakes that have been made in the past few months.

Transparency is the thing we’re thriving for in the new initiative, we need the fundamentals to be crystal clear as well as the political discourse. We need it to address all Syrians for what can actually be done not what they wish to accomplish. We need very basic things that ensure an un-interrupted communication line between the revolutionists on one hand and the new initiative and its members on the other; some thing that is safe and not subjected to personal judgement or prejudice. We need clustered networks for communication with the revolution’s figures and committees inside Syria in addition to an ostensible map of the afflicted areas and a plan to aid those areas with their catastrophic conditions. Also, we need a contact center for realtime communication with all armed forces on the ground. Above all what have been mentioned, we want a “total separation of authorities” inside the new committee which will guarantee that our cards won’t be shuffled pertaining who’s paying and will keep the dirt of political financing away from our revolution.

The NCC might not be able to spur a radical change at the level of the slacking international community but they can absolutely do a lot more at the internal level from supporting the revolution, cooperating in running its affairs, correcting its path and maintaining it besides nurturing the fatiguing people with energy and ability to keep on resisting in such times when we do not know how long this tyranny will continue to take place.

In conclusion, it is a hard task for the new initiative – if it is ever successful in coming to sunlight- and its initiators to gain the

revolutionists’ trust especially after their bitter experience with the SNC. On the other hand, losing this trust might quickly happen if nothing was done soon to serve the revolution on the ground not to mention that the initiative needs to be transparent from the very beginning about its political ceiling of hopes giving all those negative talks about its hidden intentions. To sum up, any initiative’s political agenda must match the one of the revolutionists or else it is doomed to failure morally and nationally from day one.