Baby Noor

Translated by ; Aishah Barazi

A couple of days ago when the military campaign had intensified on Douma city, residents were surging to leave the afflicted city and those who could not leave were imprisoned in their own homes under that insanely violent shelling. The news continued to follow about seizing control of a checkpoint here, several people who were martyred there and fierce clashes in some other area… Only her was sleeping oblivious of her surroundings like a queen of this world!

Inside the nursery that was emptied of all babies and the hospital that was completely evacuated of all staff and patients, she stayed alone staring at the ceiling and wondering about the noise she was hearing from outside. She did not know her own name or remember her mother’s face yet she seemed fully aware that she was born two months prematurely and a major incident took place that everyone had to leave her alone in that desolate place.

She was not frightened and somehow withstand until someone found her at that hospital in a mere coincidence. A tiny, strange and pink baby found under severe war conditions and carried by a stranger to the nearest safe point that he could reach to get some help. The members of that battalion were confused with the new and unexpected comer. They prepared a small bed for her under long columns of cigarettes’ smokes; among the roaring voices of fighters plus the horrifying sounds of shelling and clashes.

Baby Noor spent that night with the Free Syrian Army and a fighter took over the responsibility of “feeding her” a solution of water and sugar that he had prepared. In the following day, one of the young men managed to transfer her to the closest point for refugees where there were women to nurse the baby. Everybody welcomed the new comer as if the sky above that has sent nothing but showers of shelling for so many months, has now opened up to this rosy, marvelous and unexpected gift.

Noor was moved around the hands of women; each one trying to nurse her; as if that baby would bring back to life all of the unjustly murdered

beloved ones; Please suckle baby and bring back a thing of life to all of us. Nevertheless, that little, rosy and strange baby refused to suckle though she should eat and everyone tries to convince her in vain.

After that, our friends managed to transfer the baby to the nearest Red Crescent point but the paramedics there weren’t able to help her since they were in a refugee-aids outlet not in a medical one. Phone calls were made and they were able to transfer Noor to a safe home. Once again, she was moved around the hands of mothers, sisters and daughters; that home was teeming with female refugees just like that rosy baby! Mothers, aunts and all women were crying every time they looked at that baby and while trying to feed her the magic solution of water & sugar, they cried too!

Finally, that family moved the little girl to a hospital after deciding on a name for her! Now, she has a name and an identity. While Noor was being transferred to the hospital, one of her uncles has managed to arrive to the first hospital, where she was left alone, to inquire about her. He found a note to let him know that she was transferred to a “specific place.” Then, he went to that place and kept on gathering those tiny pieces of paper that were taped in the places that Noor visited; until he reached to the family that secured his niece in the nursery at the hospital.

Apparently، Noor’s family was held captive in Douma city by the non-stop fire and shelling. The mother was finally able to contact the family that was hosting her baby. She was crying in sorrow and begging those good people to take care of her daughter and that family was sympathizing with the agonized mother. However, they cannot find a reason for her to be worried about the baby for they receive dozens of phone calls every day from all the young men and women that Noor visited in her tiny little adventure to seek refuge.

Baby Noor has become well-known, she is the hope that everyone’s clinging to and crying for the mere thought of it. The good friend and his family who knew Noor before securing her in the nursery says that Noor gives him peace towards all what have happened to them; their destroyed homes, the beloved ones whom they lost, the unknown future and just everything else.

Noor is still at the nursery waiting for her big family reunion and her fans continue to come eagerly to check on her whilst our pink baby open her little eyes everyday, ponders her surroundings, smiles and sleeps again