I Hereby Join The Builders’ Battalion

Translated by; Aishah Barazi

There we go, the revolution is now armed. Almost four thousand martyrs during the month of July only. Mass massacres, shelling and slaughtering. Any demonstration has become an easy target for the thrilled regime’s forces to kill and destroy.

Those who had the tendency to non-military work in the revolution, made up their minds and joined the Free Syrian Army (FSA) battalions. The remaining who do not believe in military as a personal option have turned to waiting and anticipation.

The second group of people constitutes the majority of revolutionists in terms of numbers and value and have an overwhelming feeling of incapability. What can be done amid the wham of artillery, what can emulate the image of a fighter confronting death every second and what can be done alongside the glint and aura1 of weapons.

The feeling of incapability increases with the wide spread of crimes, kidnapping and looting practiced by villain groups who took advantage of the current situation. Meanwhile, the reports on field executions, revenge murders and torture cases by some fighters in FSA. Not to mention the secret hands of Intelligence departments of neighboring and non-neighboring countries that are trying to find a foot stand in Syria after toppling Assad.

The room for non-military movement is confined and it becomes narrower when the people who should occupy it have abandoned the uprising and concealed on themselves. The current liberation battle warns with destruction of all around not only entire cities and districts have been wiped off the earth surface but also social relationships and values have been torn apart as a result of the one year and half of criminality besides the decades of oppression preceding them. Only a small group of young men is trying to restore “inches” of what have been destroyed. Unfortunately, they are being faced with irony or silent resentment and sometimes with public rejection.

Anyhow, the young women of Daraya never failed to change factors on the ground in a city that has always been renowned for its peaceful movement even years before the revolution. Every step they made is towards reparation of part of the wreckage. This also applies to their latest activity where they had not only distributed Eid gifts to the kids of martyrs but also to the kids of informers who had been executed. This was in the purpose of preventing those kids from being raised in an environment where they are rejected and blamed for their fathers’ mistakes along with all the resentment surrounding their lives.

The Liberal Students Union has recently intensified their campaigns on civil safety, dealing with war conditions and sectarian rampaging via flyers and publications that have been widely distributed in many places on a larger scale than just Hama and Daraa.

In several committees, the young activists printed FSA’s Code of Conduct and distributed copies to battalions in their areas after fruitful discussions with them. Those and many others assumed these days are the most insisting to do such activities and they are doing it in very strict security conditions as well as communities opposing their gestures.

Those who conceal on themselves under the pretext of the armed rebellion or refuse to participate in similar activities claiming that they are crazes that do not blend together with the “seriousness” of weapons. Both parties need to reconsider their viewpoints. What seems very hard to accomplish today, might become impossible tomorrow.