One year on a revolution of freedom and dignity

Translated by; Aishah Barazi

These days which mark the passage of the first year of our revolution, a revolution of freedom and dignity, we face an outcome of over 9,000 martyrs and tens of thousands of wounded, detainees and displaced people. Cities struck by disaster and surrounded by machines of brutal repression and unprecedented criminality carried out by the regime have become the norm in our country

These days however, also attest to the millions of Syrians who have broken the wall of fear and isolation and who have refused a life of humiliation, oppression and injustice. The people of Syria are determined to continue with their revolution until they attain freedom and build the country that they deserve

These days however, also attest to the millions of Syrians who have broken the wall of fear and isolation and who have refused a life of humiliation, oppression and injustice. The people of Syria are determined to continue with their revolution until they attain freedom and build the country that they deserve

The International and Arab Position

Thus far, the international position is limited to condemnation and conviction without the mention of any practical measures, even at the humanitarian and relief level. This is due in part to the opposition’s flimsiness and the lack of a strong and well-defined alternative to the post-Assad period; however, this is one facet of the issue, it also must be made clear without any delusions that the issue’s source is largely due to the accounts of these states and their interests in balancing the costs of intervention on several levels on one hand and leaving the involved parties in this crisis fighting to reach a weak balancing point where we all have to accept an imposed settlement that goes with the sakes and benefits of the powerful parties in the international community.

The Arab position is in itself divided, a number of Arab countries remain, until now, unsupportive of taking part in any kind of act of intervention in Syria.

This is due to the brutal violence of the regime and the resulting reactions giving that arming the Free Syrian Army is the only way to topple the regime. It is also because of the weak civilian peaceful speech among the crowds, the ambiguity of its techniques and the intrinsic belief that it won’t make a real change and reverse the power distribution on the ground. The weak of this speech is due to insufficient political education and techniques which cannot be gained amid suppression and oppression.

Upon the previous statements, we at the Local Coordination Committees see the following necessity on the Arabian and International scale:

– The International Society and the Arabic Countries must know that prolonging the crisis and only stand watching and condemning despite the continued demagogic violence will lead to more hate, hostility and more chances of an upcoming sectarian and civilian war. It is also a chance for all radical ideologies to appear and prevail in such circumstances. Whoever need “guarantees” against future radical and terrorist acts in Syria; by to some western officials lately; they are demanding a new tyrant country and a regime similar to Assad’s. On the other hand, whoever need a future where all the causes and calls for terrorism being resolved, they should not leave a diverse nation both in sects and ethnicity under the oppression of a criminal regime for an entire year.

On the level of the Political Opposition:

– The unity of the opposition is no longer demand after we all became sure that it is impossible however it is unacceptable that the performance of the Syrian National Council continues in all levels. If the Syrians were able to accomplish the impossible and continue to protest against this criminal regime for an entire year then it is not impossible for the SNC to perform serious re-construction procedures and work a more coherent and compelling speech to the Syrian people first and then the world. We don’t need replacements of Assad that bring us back to the starting point and we have already known its consequences. Nevertheless the continuity of the political gap due to the improvised actions of the SNC will prolong the crisis and the suffer of the Syrians and it is starting to become a burden on their revolution.

The Stance of the Free Syrian Army:

– The occasional financial support and Media Fundraising campaigns from diverse and different parties are not helping in improving the performance and abilities of the FSA. Actually, it is increasing the odds of it is becoming hocked to certain parties that do not list the sake of the revolution among their priorities. It is also enforcing some groups on the account of others which might have serious negative effects in the future. A united leadership of the military action in Syria with a vision and clear work strategy taking into account the goals of the revolution and the benefits of the nation ruled and executed by the officers of the FSA is impossible if no established support will be sustained. This will enable them to plan and execute their operations and also empower their freedom of decision making regarding the armed action.

On the Level of the Revolutionary Movement:

– It does not worth is to spend several other months calling for arming the FSA likewise the calls for air embargo and humanitarian secure channels instead of getting the local revolution leaders and ideals to focus on improving the revolutionary action, continuing it and increasing its efficiency. The civilian peaceful speech and initiatives have not reached the majority yet and it is incapable of persuading them of its effectiveness. Many of the civilian and revolutionary means have not been used yet or maybe scarcely present. It is impossible to demand the retrieval of a powerful stance using this kind of activities and techniques amid the absence of a clear decision to effectively arming the FSA and without a clear political speech and procedures aside from the symbolic and limited activities

Every day we become one step closer to freedom, for the sacred blood of our martyrs and the future of their children, because we deserve it and with our persistence and ongoing revolution, we will get it and in complete. Victory for our revolution and mercy upon our martyrs.